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Electrostatic Air Purifier

Air Cleaner for Oil, Smoke and Odours

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Formed in 1998, we are a manufacturer of Electrostatic Precipitators. Our ESPs can be used in both commercial & industrial environments ranging from commercial kitchen, restaurants, bars, hotels, laboratories. We provide high performance products that are certified to international standards, including UL & CE.

Our offices are located in Hong Kong with our main manufacturing facilities in mainland China. The partially manufactured units are eventually sent to Hong Kong for final assembly & quality testing. To date a list of countries we have sold to include Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the UAE.

Press Release

23 JUNE, 2020
23 JUNE, 2020
ISO-Ing Technologies has been awarded tender for the Supply and Replacement of existing SMOG HOG brand of ESP units and parts at a five-star Hotel in Hong Kong.

3 JUNE, 2020
3 JUNE, 2020
Fortune Plaza, Myanmar Expo, Yangon
3 - 5 June 2020
Food Hotel Myanmar

20 APRIL, 2020
20 APRIL, 2020
HVAC & Refigeration Show
20 - 22 April 2020
ExCel London, United Kingdom

1 SEPT, 2019
1 SEPT, 2019
ISO-Ing Technologies has completed delivery of our Autowash ESPs to prestigous $1.2 billion hospital project.
Al Ain Hospital, UAE

Electrostatic Air Cleaner

Electrostatic air filters for oil, odour, dust and smoke filtration
Used in commercial & industrial settings, including kitchens, laboratories, offices, factories
High performance product, fully compliant with local and international quality standards
Custom design OEM services available to suit building tenders, competitive pricing
Distributors get replacements parts support for other brands, e.g. Smog Hog, Smoke Master
Download Catalogue
Download Catalogue


Up to 99% Efficiency


High Temperature Applications

Filters Smoke

Filters Odours

Internationally Approved Standards

OEM Available

Custom Design

Full Distributor Support

Filters Dust

Carbon Filter Modules

Filters Oil

Become Our Distributor

  • Full technical support
  • International and local compliance
  • Custom solutions
  • Why choose us?

    We have been building ESPs for over 20 years and our products have been used in major commercial and industrial projects.
    Our product has been stringently tested by international testing laboratories and have passed international and local safety/quality standards, including ISO, UL, and CE.
    Our parts also have longer lifetime and maintainability in comparison with our competitors.
    We also offer competitive prices and ship anywhere in the world, providing you with fast service and a variety of tools to support your activities

  • What advantage do I have as an Authorised Distributor?

    We provide our distributors with wholesale prices and superior after sales support, including technical support. Our staff will work with you to work out the recommended ordering levels and the most competitive prices.

  • How do I become an Authorised Distributor?

    There is currently no fee to become an authorised distributor, however, we do require a minimum order quantity (MOQ)

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